We Believe

We believe that children are natural learners. Our role as educators and caregivers is to support their discovery process and to provide opportunities for the exploration of progressively wider ideas. 

We believe that children are capable and independent. While providing a safe and supportive environment, we leave room for the children to make decisions and take control of themselves and their environment. Their mistakes lead to mastery, and we strive to let that process unfold as naturally as possible.

We believe that play is crucial to development. Play is the natural mechanism for learning, and as educators we aim to encourage and nurture playful interactions among children, as well as with staff and family members. 

We believe that diversity enriches the lives of all. Global Roots is a community with many origins, cultures, ethnicities, languages, and customs. Our children learn from each new interaction that broadens their understanding of the world around them, and we bring as much personal experience into the classroom as possible.

We believe in including the whole family in our community; that support for children in toddler hood and preschool means support for the whole family.